Ugh this is outdated

This website was down for a few years (ehm).. since then Google cloud changed and the site went down in app engine because google.

I've just updated it to work again. I'm not sure why, I might as well replace this noise with a simple landing page with a logo.

If I remake this it'll either be a static website (probably jekyll based) or proper cloud hosted in its own container somewhere. gcloud is so far behind in comparison to what a docker-based cloud host can do.

Oh yeah, I guess I'm back to game development sort of.

Here's a game you can play: TVTetris

And over at my blog, I'm relatively more active: Zenithia


Zamron: Encounter announced

I'm glad to announce that I'm working on a new game I called Zamron: Encounter which will be released sometime before the end of this month. This will hopefully be the first of a series of games built around the alien world of Zamron.. I'm pretty sure someone out there will enjoy it :)

Zamron: Encounter will also be my main entry for the LudumDare October Challenge, which is a challenge for new indie game developers to create a game and release it in the market making at least $1 by the end of October (deadline is 1st of November), and I'm pretty excited!


In the past 3 weeks I've been working on project Wolf which was an experiment in making a retro 3D game engine using available Flash 10 3D libraries and I have arrived at a very good base for a game, at first I tried Sandy3D which wasn't working for me then I switched over to Away3D 3.6 which included Flash 10 specific optimizations giving it a pretty good performance boost, though still far from competing with the power available via graphics hardware.

During this time Flash 11 was released providing direct access to graphics hardware, Away3D already has an alpha version based on new Flash 11 graphics. So this project is a bit outdated, however it takes a couple of months before Flash 11 has a decent install base and is stable enough for production. Plus the fact that software 3D is charming in it's own retro way ;)


Welcome to Cloud Mill Games!