About Cloud Mill Games

My name is Salwan Asaad (aka. ZenithSal) I'm computer engineer and a game developer from Iraq (might be one of a kind :D), I started Cloud Mill Games to make games that I like after working for several years in multiple related fields, including the game industry for a brief period.

The idea of Cloud Mill came from a recurring dream I had as a child, in which I see a vast field and in the distance there is a gigantic mill rotating very slowly, it's so big it's top is over the clouds.. when I was young, I interpretted it as to always seek a gigantic goal, for in the horizon above the clouds lies my future. Yes I'm dreamy. And no I will not change the name even if you say please and offer me all your kittens.

So here I am today. I recently finished my engineering degree though I'm not that young because I had to stop studying for a few years due to a few *accidental* wars. And now I'm exploring multiple directions trying to figure out which way to go, looking up at the top of the cloud mill, the part unseen behind the clouds :)

Through my journey, I meet wonderful people who are going on their own journeys, our paths cross and go side-by-side for a while, sometimes for a days, sometimes for years. But they will forever leave a mark in my memories, they will forever be part of the journey.

Cloud Team

  • ZenithSal (lead developer)
  • Menopia (game developer and creative artist)